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Attestation of Documents and Power of Attorney

Attestation of Documents

Which documents are to be attested?

Embassy of Bangladesh, Muscat attests following documents

  1. Educational certificates,
  2. Mark sheets,
  3. Transcripts,
  4. Marriage certificate,
  5. Birth/ death certificate,
  6. Marital status certificate,
  7. Guardianship certificate,
  8. Police clearance certificate,
  9. Bank statements,
  10. Translated documents,
  11. Divorce paper,
  12. Commercial Documents,
  13. Power of Attorney documents etc.

 Requirement for Attestation:

  1. Documents originated in Bangladesh must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh while the documents originated in Oman must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman prior to submission for attestation.
  2. A set of photocopies must be submitted along with original copy of the document to be attested.
  3. The photocopy will be kept by the Embassy for record.
  4. Photocopy (ies) of valid Bangladesh Passport
  5. Copy of Civil ID in Oman
  6. In case of Police clearance, the validity is 6 months from the date of issuance by Bangladesh authority.

Power of Attorney:

For attestation of power of attorney (relating to sale /purchase of land in Bangladesh, transfer/ purchase/ sale of shares, withdrawal of money/pension from bank, etc.) executed (signed) by any expatriate Bangladesh national (in favour of a relative or a friend residing in Bangladesh), the executants are required to appear in person before the Concerned Officer at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Muscat along with his/her original Bangladesh passport (valid or expired). For multiple signatories of a document, the same rule applies for all, i.e. all signatories are required to appear in person at the Embassy.

**Please keep in mind, Embassy doesn't produce any power of attorney papers. The applicants have to prepare the documents by themselves as per their requirement and attach the photos in proper place. They will sign in front of the consular officer which will be verified/ attested by the Embassy.

Submission time: 08.30 am-12.30 pm (every working day).

Delivery time: 04.00 pm-04.30 pm (on same day).

Fees:  Per page 1 OMR 100 Baiza